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Choosing a rental property

A lessor owns a rental property but it is a tenant’s home. Tenants should make sure a property matches their needs before signing a tenancy agreement. They should also read the agreement and any special terms carefully before signing it.

Below are some questions you could think about and discuss with the property manager/lessor to check if the property is right for you. There are also various services that can assist you at this stage.

  • Is the property the right size?
  • Is it in the right location for work, home, social activities?
  • Is it suitable for pets or children?
  • Are you capable of maintaining this property e.g. do you understand how to look after a pool, can you keep a large garden in good condition?
  • Does the property have the facilities you require e.g. does it have an active phone line or broadband connection or can you add these and at what cost? Who will pay for these services to be made available?
  • Will you have to pay for water usage?
  • In a rural property will you need to refill the water tank in dry weather?
  • Will there be additional costs for occasional garden maintenance e.g. disposing of green waste, tree pruning etc?
  • In a moveable dwelling park, will there be extra site costs?
  • If there are gas bottles, will they be filled at the beginning of the tenancy, will a receipt be provided?
  • Does the property have the level of security you require e.g. screens on windows?